The transmodule: Unlimited flexibility

18 Jan


Schubert at the ProSweets 2013, Cologne

Crailsheim, Germany. At the Gerhard Schubert GmbH trade fair stand F-20/G-029 (Hall 10.1) fair visitors can view a picker line for chocolate bars. Six TLM-F4 robots pick up 600 bars per minute from the product belt and place them onto the transmodule in non-stop operation.

 Ranging from chocolate bars, cookies to pralines and from bottles, tubes, sachets and cans, the line processes any product and packages them in any conceivable packing pattern. This flexibility is only possible when using the TLM transmodule. Transmodules are intelligent vehicles which are driven by a servomotor and carry out numerous transport tasks. 

Schubert transmodules have been integrated in packaging machines with great success since September 2008. In the meantime, transmodules are equipped with a path control and can be used for both, continuous operation and for a combination of cyclical and continuous movement. Therefore, they especially lend themselves to be used as a transport system for picker lines. 

Flexibility results when simple mechanical systems, intelligent control systems and interchangeable tools are used. The transmodule is the first transport robot worldwide and was developed based on these criteria. The interchangeable tool is a transport plate which was designed based on the product's requirements. When changing the size, it is docked onto the transmodule in just seconds, either manually or fully automatically, as desired. A vacuum function is integrated to fix the product or packaging being transported on the transmodule. 

Thanks to the transmodule, the flexibility of the packaging machines has increased to a degree that a bright future can already be predicted for the transmodule. With the transmodule, redundancy also becomes a part of packaging machines and will make the machines significantly simpler and clearer in the future. 

Many more extremely flexible packaging solutions will be displayed on a three-metre-wide video wall at the Gerhard Schubert GmbH trade fair stand. 

(Gerhard Schubert GmbH packaging machines at the ProSweets 2013, Hall 10.1, Stand F-20/G-029)