Configurator for TLM packaging machines

12 Mar



New Schubert website offers insight into the modular principle

Crailsheim, Germany There is a link to the new TLM configurator on the hompage of This online application builds a virtual TLM packaging machine based on the user's specifications. Based on the functions required for his or her packaging process, the user selects sub-machines, e.g. for grouping products, erecting boxes, filling, closing and palletizing etc., via drag & drop. The result is a 3D packaging machine presented in the working area. Additional views are available, and the virtual machine results can be saved. The configurator offers prospective buyers an intuitively operated, web-based service which shows them how Schubert solves their packaging task.

Gerhard Schubert's TLM technology concept is based on the idea of combining intelligent software with simple machinery. This makes packaging machines highly flexible and enables very simple solutions to be worked out. The configurator makes this connection clear.

All lines are ultimately based on just seven system components: TLM-F2, TLM-F3 and TLM-F4 robots, the TLM vision system, the TLM Transmodule, the TLM operator guidance system and the TLM machine frame. The sub-machines and modular complete lines are assembled using this modular system. Direct link to the configurator: