3D scanner offers a host of advantages for

04 Dec


Gerhard Schubert GmbH at ProSweets 2015

Stand F-020/G-029 (Hall 10.1)

Crailsheim, Germany At ProSweets 2015 (Stand F-020/G-029, Hall 10.1), Gerhard Schubert GmbH will be telling trade show visitors all about the broad range of services which TLM technology offers to the confectionery industry. The exhibited picker line is outfitted with the new 3D scanner, which boasts attractive options for, among other things, quality control.

When packaging confectionery, snacks and baked goods, image recognition frequently faces difficult challenges. Typical examples include crumbs on the product belt and low-contrast items like chocolate cookies with chocolate icing.

Where conventional vision systems reach their limits, Schubert is now able to offer a solution. Using data from the 3D scanner, a TLM packaging line's Vision System can determine the three-dimensional shape of the product to be packaged. 3D information makes image recognition more robust and reliable, as belt soiling, crumbs etc. are generally shorter than the product itself and can thus be ignored due to their low height. Products in low-contrast images are also identified more easily than with conventional 2D image-detection systems.

A TLM line with the new scanner can detect 3D defects. For example, it can precisely identify a brown sandwich cookie with brown cream which is missing its top part within the product flow and eject it. If the product density is consistent, the TLM Vision System can also determine the weight of each product. This makes it possible to complete individual product patterns within a defined weight range during the grouping process.

From picking to palletizing

The exhibited packaging machine will be demonstrating a pick-and-place process whereby TLM-F44 robots pick up little white and black bears from a white product belt and place them in a pattern on transmodules.

Using the tried-and-tested standard TLM components, Schubert can also configure lots of other packaging functions. If so desired, confectionery manufacturers can get a highly compact line which also cartonizes and palletizes using the pick-and-place process. Deep drawing of attractive plastic packaging is also available.

Schubert uses the TLM transmodule for the transport of products, boxes and cartons and for other functions as well. The patented TLM transmodule is a one-axis, rail-based robot. The transmission of energy and data is contactless.

The TLM transmodule, the most recently introduced standard component, has further increased the compactness of TLM lines. In addition, new, more efficient solutions can often be found for individual packaging tasks, which in turn help to reduce the machinery required. This increases line efficiency and reduces the amount of space required.

The advantages of this are illustrated by Schubert using current sample references presented to ProSweets visitors on large-format video walls.