Schubert presents novel technology under new name

17 Aug


Starting Point for Schubert North America – New Headquarters in North Carolina

Charlotte (North Carolina). At the Pack Expo in Las Vegas (North Hall, stand N-732) the Schubert Group will be providing show visitors with information on its TLM technology. The picker line on exhibit is equipped with the new 3D scanner which also opens up attractive opportunities for quality assurance. At the Pack Expo Schubert presents itself for the first time under the name Schubert North America. From now on Schubert Packaging Systems, Dallas, Texas and Schubert Packaging Automation, Toronto, Canada also act from their new headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The advantages of the new 3D scanner will be demonstrated by means of a “pick & place” process using wooden dummies in different shapes and colours. This includes rectangles in white and red as well as triangles in Schubert blue. The pickers pick the blue triangles and place them on the Transmodule to form the Schubert logo, while the white and red rectangles are placed in front of and behind the logo respectively.

White objects on a white belt – for most vision systems, this would be an impossible task, but the new Schubert 3D scanner can easily master it. Using the data from the 3D scanner, the TLM packaging line’s vision system determines the three-dimensional shape of the product to be packaged. The 3D information makes vision recognition more intelligent thanks to the additional information from a third dimension – the product height. Therefore, a soiled belt or product crumbs do not generate phantom product images with the vision system. The image recognition becomes even more accurate and products in low-contrast images are easily detected as well. Even the recognition of a white product on a white belt is child’s play.

A TLM system with this new scanner determines shape, colour and volume errors and removes damaged products. With uniform product density, the TLM vision system can also determine the weight of each product. It is even possible to complete individual product formations within a defined weight range in the case of a grouping process – which represents a significant benefit for product manufacturers through considerable reduction of give-away.

The “pick & place” process demonstrated at Pack Expo will be completed with an F2 robot picking the complete formations from the Transmodul’s format plates and placing them back on the product belt. The system’s capacity amounts to 600 “products” per minute.

In addition to this, Schubert will be demonstrating to visitors at the Pack Expo its proven TLM standard components which can be configured for many other packaging functions, as well as its patented TLM Transmodul – a single-axis, rail-based robot with contactless power and data transmission. On the transport carriage, exchangeable format plates are placed so that a variety of products, such as bottles, tubes, bags and cans all the way through to food, confectionery or pharmaceutical products, can be transported. The TLM Transmodul has further increased the compactness of the TLM systems. Moreover, the number of mechanical parts, and therefore the potential for wear and tear, is reduced. The TLM systems are becoming more flexible, more efficient and easier to operate and maintain.

Current reference examples will illustrate the advantages of the new modules for different sectors. Schubert will be presenting them to Pack Expo visitors on a large video screen.

With the new headquarters Schubert fully commits to North America which has developed into the biggest market segment for Schubert. With today’s offices in Dallas and Toronto remaining in place, Schubert strengthens its team and sets the course for the further development of the location. Already now North America has the largest sales volume of all of Schubert’s markets .