Schubert at Pack Expo in Chicago

31 Oct


Schubert presents Compact Machine with Advanced Features

Schubert at Pack Expo in Chicago – South Hall, Stand S-4366

Charlotte (North Carolina). At the Pack Expo in Chicago (South Hall, Stand S-4366) the Schubert Group will be providing show visitors with information on the advantages of its modular TLM technology. On a compact machine, the German machine builder demonstrates, how flowpacks can be packed at a high speed. Despite its reduced complexity, the machine offers the highest degree of flexibility for producers in various industries.

The toploading process demonstrated at Pack Expo will be equipped with the proven standard components of the TLM packaging machines. The packaging process will be demonstrated on the example of flowpacks containing cylindrical wafer sticks. These flowpacks are placed into display cartons, which are then closed by an F2 closing robot and finally placed on a discharge conveyor.

An F2 loading robot takes twelve flowpacks per cycle from the grouping chain and inserts six products in each box, i.e. two boxes are loaded simultaneously. In this way, the machine achievers a maximum speed of 300 flowpacks per minute.

The company will be presenting the TLM packaging machine without an electrical cabinet. The reduced electronics further lower the maintenance costs of Schubert’s robot-supported packaging machines. Since the servo modules of the machine without an electrical cabinet belong within a decentralised control architecture for TLM robots, they no longer require an electrical cabinet. The number of electronic parts has been greatly reduced, leaving only a few components. At the same time, the operation and maintenance of the machine are easier than ever. Customers can therefore take on their packaging tasks based on more user-friendly automation implemented through virtually uninterrupted operation with minimum personnel input.

The machine’s remaining control components are equipped with a water cooling feature, which increases the life of the electrical equipment. Moreover, it reduces the system’s waste heat. With a heat exchanger, the customer can make use of the energy from the water cooling. Yet another plus in terms of energy is that Schubert uses drive systems with energy recovery – as with all TLM systems.

In addition to this, Schubert will be demonstrating to visitors at the Pack Expo its patented Transmodul – a single-axis, rail-based robot with contactless power and data transmission. The erected carton boxes are fixed on the format plate of a Transmodul by a vacuum. This transport robot ensures a safe and exact transport of products and packaging through the Schubert machine. The Transmodul has further increased the compactness of the TLM systems. Moreover, the number of mechanical parts, and therefore the potential for wear and tear, is reduced. The TLM systems are becoming more flexible, more efficient and easier to operate and maintain.

Seven standard components guarantee for compact, flexible and efficient packaging solutions in various industries and for many different applications.