You have to be a trailblazer to be successful

31 May


interpack 2011

Statement on the occasion of interpack 2011


We were early users of mechatronics in packaging machine construction. The world's first packaging robot was built in 1984, triggering a revolution in packaging machine construction over the following decade. In 1991 we began developing our own packaging machine controller, which was used for the first time in 1995. Although we had never before read the OMAC guidelines, our controller has fulfilled OMAC guidelines from the outset. This was confirmed to us by OMAC in the late 1990's. Thus we were able to launch the first TLM packaging machine on the market in 2000. TLM refers to a top-loading machine. Thanks to its simple mechanical assembly, its intelligent control system and exchangeable tools, it is the world's most flexible packaging machine today.

In 2008, we developed the first transport robot which we immediately installed in the TLM packaging machines, and now for the first time we have been able to realise automatic tool exchange in a packaging machine in time for interpack 2011. Automatic tool exchange means that the machine can be changed over fully automatically, for example from chocolate Easter bunnies to yogurt cups. Thanks to the automatic mechanism, time savings of approximately 60% are possible. This in turn contributes to higher cost savings than have been possible in the last 20 years of constructing packaging machines.

A good packaging machine also includes sound packaging development, which we have conducted since early 2010 – currently still in a one-man department. Efficient packaging is only possible when all the components are ideally harmonised, and packaging plays a significant role here.

We aim to enter the field of filling technology in 2011. We have already been able to land an initial order, and the first machine for filling shower gel will be delivered in September of this year. In the future, our transport robots will be equipped for filling with weighing cells which will then control the filling process for liquid and pasty products. Gravimetric filling technology would hardly be possible without the transmodule, our transport robot. New trails lead to success.